Join us in London this Spring @ "Architecture and Mental Health", a conference organised by the East London NHS Trust & the Arts special interest group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists / by thinkbuild

Architect BDA Jason Danziger and Consulting Psychiatrist Dr. Martin Voss (PSYCH.RAUM) have been invited to a symposium this Spring in London titled Architecture and Mental Health: Inspired environments that promote care. Organised by the East London NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with the Arts Special Interest Group (ASIG) of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the symposium will focus on methods and theory to support interdisciplinary project optimisation for Mental Health professionals of all stripes. We are very much looking forward to meeting and exchanging ideas with other members of the Symposium, including our co-invitees architect Dr Evangelia Chrysikou, social scientist Dr Lambros Malafouris, and psychiatrist/architect Dr Nikolina Jovanovic. Join us as well!

More information about the conference and its program can be seen on Eventbrite here or by downloading the conference Flyer here.