"Soteria Berlin: Spatial Atmospheric Mechanisms supporting Milleautherapie" - Joint Lecture by Dr. Martin Voss & Jason Danziger at the École d'Architecture Val de Seine (Paris, France) - 20. May 2016 / by thinkbuild

"Whether people are fully conscious of this or not, they actually derive countenance and sustenance from the ‘atmosphere’ of things they live in and with...”

- Frank Lloyd Wright

Consulting Psychiatrist Dr. Martin Voss and Architect Jason Danziger will present the Soteria Berlin as a case study at the 2016 APAQESM Conference (2ème Rencontre Architecture & Psychiatrie), an international interdisciplinary conference at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris-Val de Seine this coming May 20, 2016. The Symposium is organized by the Association pour la Promotion de l’Assurance Qualité en Santé Mentale (APAQESM) which is based in Paris. The presentation will begin at 14h and will focus on how the Soteria can be seen as a test case for the creation of active Milieu Therapy spaces (Atmosphere as Therapeutikum) and will also share the narrative about how the spatial design strategies were deployed to "de- institutionalize" the ward. 

More information about the conference and its program can be seen here.